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Millions of guests are sleeping on adjustable beds every day and would want the comforts of home. Some will take advantage of the health benefits. Other will enjoy the improved experience and the upgraded usability. And some will just want to try it as new and updated way of sleep.

We will supply you the point of purchase materials. Including Signage, brochures and other promotional items to increase your guest interest. Nupedic will launch a promotion campaign with social media and advertising. And an online national directory for your future guest will be able to find you by zip code and your property address

Basically, this product is designed to be used with your existing room furnishings, on occasion a property may have a specific circumstance, but it should be solvable. We also offer samples. Product for testing if needed.

There are many reasons, let me state a few, an overall upgrade to the property’s guest offering. Your guest will request the product. It is also a way to improve and make handicapped rooms more desirable. Additionally it will add an eco-friendly component to your property’s footprint. And most important is add income and profits without major change. And by acting soon we will give you an area exclusive. This will insure many new and return guests

More than 20 years in
the making

Nupedic’s journey started in the early. 2000’s. at that time adjustable beds were considered a novelty or thought of as hospital beds, today they are mainstream for all ages. With millions being used every day and more every year improved technology and eco-friendly materials have allowed our company to commit to the health and comfort of millions of today’s consumers. Also, an eco-friendly lifestyle is preferred by many guests. For this reason we designed an income-producing innovative concept for you and your guests.