As a hotel or resort owner, you know that providing a comfortable and restful experience for your guests is essential. That’s why you should add the Ultimate sleep system to your property and enrich the guest experience.

As a participating hotel or resort owner, you’ll be eligible to receive a portion from any sale made by your guest in the future. It’s a win-win situation because it allows you to generate additional revenue without having to do any extra work.

Just call or e-mail our customer care experts. They will assist you quickly with a no-hassle attitude. We have a nationwide network of service representatives to serve all your needs. The beds can be put in a flat position if needed for the room availability. And the most problems should be covered under warranty

The product should last many years of regular usage. This product has been tested in the market with very little problem. We are confident and offered a 20 years product warranty.

Yes it is all commercial grade construction and has been tested. It also has a build-in emergency release function, additionally all materials within the mattress are certified Safe

It simple, very simple. It is 2 part the mattress, just put the latex on top of the pocket coils and zip up the cover. The base is all pre-assembled. Just attach the legs to desired height and maybe a minor adjustment and you’re ready to use! There is also clear instruction and video for your convenience.

Millions of guests are sleeping on adjustable beds every day and would want the comforts of home. Some will take advantage of the health benefits. Other will enjoy the improved experience and the upgraded usability. And some will just want to try it as new and updated way of sleep.

We will supply you the point of purchase materials. Including Signage, brochures and other promotional items to increase your guest interest. Nupedic will launch a promotion campaign with social media and advertising. And an online national directory for your future guest will be able to find you by zip code and your property address

Basically, this product is designed to be used with your existing room furnishings, on occasion a property may have a specific circumstance, but it should be solvable. We also offer samples. Product for testing if needed.

There are many reasons, let me state a few, an overall upgrade to the property’s guest offering. Your guest will request the product. It is also a way to improve and make handicapped rooms more desirable. Additionally it will add an eco-friendly component to your property’s footprint. And most important is add income and profits without major change. And by acting soon we will give you an area exclusive. This will insure many new and return guests

Our systems are made with only high-quality natural and organic materials, including supportive pocketed coils, plush latex, and durable fabrics. They are designed to provide the ultimate level of comfort and support, no matter what position you sleep in.

Ultimate Sleep System is a high-quality System that is designed to promote better sleep, health, and overall well-being. The benefits include reducing aches, pain and other health Improvements, reducing snoring, as well as providing a full-body therapeutic massage.