Just call or e-mail our customer care experts. They will assist you quickly with a no-hassle attitude. We have a nationwide network of service representatives to serve all your needs. The beds can be put in a flat position if needed for the room availability. And the most problems should be covered under warranty

The product should last many years of regular usage. This product has been tested in the market with very little problem. We are confident and offered a 20 years product warranty.

Yes it is all commercial grade construction and has been tested. It also has a build-in emergency release function, additionally all materials within the mattress are certified Safe

It simple, very simple. It is 2 part the mattress, just put the latex on top of the pocket coils and zip up the cover. The base is all pre-assembled. Just attach the legs to desired height and maybe a minor adjustment and you’re ready to use! There is also clear instruction and video for your convenience.

100% pure comfort technology

Nupedic has designed a perfectly matched product for the marriage of comfort and technology. We call it the ultimate sleep system. A product for your everyday lifestyle. While using a laptop or tablet, watching TV, or just relaxing with a book all with adjustable comfort. Our product is handcrafted in America with natural and organic materials. This product is sustainable and recyclable. This eco-friendly footprint will insure your guest’s better health and safety knowing they should return to you, on their next trip

Certified safe


The ultimate sleep system is made up of 2 parts mattress and base

the mattress:

The mattress is a natural and organic-certified latex hybrid. Made up of five layers to create the most comfortable eco-friendly mattress.

1st layer: Is a 1” quilted top made from organic cotton and Joma wool. Imported from New Zealand which acts as a natural fire barrier with no chemicals needed.

2nd layer: Is a 2” Dunlop organic latex and has special physical traits which allow the material to have a quicker response time, then synthetic foams.

3rd layer: Is a 2″ Dunlop latex the combinations of the 2 unit to create a perfect firmness allowing for a perfect level of comfort and pressure relief.

4 Layer: Is an 8” quad coil pocketed spring unit zoned for maximum comfort with extra edge support. Our patented glue less coil unit insures comfort and active support with minimal motion transfer and will prevents sagging.

5 Layer: Is a 1” bottom covered base continues to have Joma wool. For a fire barrier without any harmful chemicals to remain eco-friendly

These 5 layers create a 13.5″ eco-friendly hybrid”


This base is a commercial grade unit made from the high grade steel and the finest operating components to create a comfortable technology. That will help the user always find the right position. This design has 12 outstanding features.

  • Head, foot, and pillow articulation.
  • Adjustable legs or zero clearance foundation. With a 3.5 profile and upgraded quality upholstery.
  • Capacitive – touch wireless remote
  • Bluetooth app controls for apple or android devices.
  • Re-programmable position settings, anti-shore, zero gravity and one customizable position
  • Under bed lighting
  • One touch flat button.
  • Wall hugger technology keeps your nightstand within reach.
  • Dual massage with wave technology.
  • Dual USB ports
  • 850 lb. weight capacity.
  • Emergency Release.

The ultimate sleep system has all the bells and whistles for your guest to fully enjoy their experience – and remember your hotel in the future. Eco-friendly environment research shows that consumers are over 30% more likely to use an eco-friendly properties. And would spend more than one with fewer features. Our product. Is sustainable and recyclable and we are committed to protecting our planet we are also concerned about the dangerous chemical effect on our planet so we produce our product with this in mind.

All materials are natural and organic nontoxic design without chemical fire retardant, glues, Polyurethane foams, and synthetics or off casing,

Nupedic is eco-friendly, biodegradable, and hyper allergic we are committed to helping, save the planet and its people.

The Ultimate Sleep system is a health sensitive product that can help your guest in many ways.

  • Pressure point relief
  • Reduces aches and pains.
  • Reduces swelling
  • Less stress
  • More energy
  • Increases blood flow
  • Reduces snoring
  • More quality rest
  • Breathe better
  • Better digestion

All of these benefits are helpful for all but different for each person.


we offer a no-hassle warranty. If any concerns about materials, or craftsmanship we will do all we can for you as long as the product is without voids,

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